2. Terms&Cond

Once a course has been paid for, a contractual arrangement between the student and ELTA exists and the following conditions come into effect:

  1. Cancellations and Refunds
    1. If a student cannot start a course that they have paid for, the course can be deferred for a period of, but not exceeding 12 months from the original start date.
    2. We regret that refunds cannot be given.
  2. Transferring to Another Course at ELTA
    1. 1. In some circumstances, at the discretion of the management, it may be possible for a student to transfer to another course at ELTA (e.g. from a TIE preparation course to an IELTS preparation course ), but in some circumstances only. Such course changes are not automatically permitted.
  3. Days Missed and Public Holidays
      1. If a student has commenced their course and decides they do not wish to complete it, no refund will be given nor can the remaining portion of the course be re-sold by the student who bought it to another student.
      2. Days missed for personal reasons, including illness without a doctor’s letter, will not be compensated.

    1. 2. Students who register for one Academic Year (25 weeks), availing of the special price that course is sold at, must study during the first six months, while the remaining 2 months are holiday time. Holidays or time out for any reason during the 25-week period of an Academic Year course will not be compensated (for clarification of this point in the case of Non-EU students wishing to work full-time during the holidays, please see below: Permission to Work)
    2. Classes are held from Monday to Thursday. A period of less than one working week cannot be sold.
    3. Classes begin on Mondays, except when that week commences with a public holiday.
    4. ELTA is closed for one week at Easter and three weeks at Christmas/New Year. If either of these holidays falls within the study period bought, the study period will be prolonged to accommodate the holiday.
    5. Other public holidays, such as Saint Patrick’s Day, May Day and the June, August and October Bank Holidays, are non-refundable.
  4. Permission to Work
    1. Stamp 2 visa students (i.e. Non-EU students who have come to Ireland to study for a period of 25 weeks or more) are legally entitled to engage in 20 hours paid work per week while they are studying; and they are further entitled to engage in foll-time paid work during two designated holiday periods: from 1stJune to 1st October and from 15th December to 15th  The study period of students wishing to avail of the right to work foll time during these two allocated holiday periods will be adjusted to accommodate the time they have absented themselves for full-time work.
  5. Attendance
    1. If a student is absent without notice for more than 8 days (two working weeks), their name will be removed from the register. Immigration will be notified in the case of Stamp 2 students (non-EU students with a study visa).
  6. Insurance
    1. Before traveling students must ensure that their medical, travel and personal insurance is in place. EU students shoold bring their European Health Insurance Card with them. Please note that this only entitles you to emergency hospital care and attendance at doctors listed with the Health Board as service providers to Medical Card Holders. Students can apply to their local Health Office at http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/1/LHO/ for a list of such doctors. Non-EU students coming for a period of 6 months or more must have medical insurance covering the period of their study visa. This insurance can be bought from the school. Non-EU students coming for a period of study shorter than 90 days can buy their travel insurance together with their flight ticket or otherwise must make their own insurance arrangement.
    2. Note that ELTA accepts no responsibility for accident, illness, theft, the loss of personal effects or any other mishap that may befall a student.
  7. Course Levels and Class Size
    1. New students will be given a level test before starting the course and placed in a class at their level.
    2. As classes are held in the morning and afternoon, the class at the most appropriate level for the student may be at either of these times. ELTA cannot guarantee the time of the student’s course, although every effort is made to comply with the student’s request. ELTA reserves the right to place the student in a class of the appropriate level as ascertained in the level test or as deemed necessary by the teacher.
    3. If a class has four students or fewer, it will be merged with the class closest to it in level.
    4. If a class has more than 15 students, ELTA will divide that class.
  8. Changes to Advertised Courses
    1. ELTA reserves the right to alter course dates or withdraw advertised courses if circumstances beyond the school’s control necessitate such changes.
  9. Non-Acceptance of a Student on to a Course
    1. ELTA reserves the right to exclude any student at any time without liability. Associated costs to the student, such as travel and accommodation costs, will be borne by the excluded student.
  10. Student Records
    1. Students must supply ELTA with their contact telephone number and/or e-mail address. In addition, the school requires that they provide contact details of a person who may be contacted in the event of an emergency. The student must keep ELTA advised of any changes to their Irish or home addresses and contact telephone numbers. These details will not be shared with any other party apart from the legal authorities if required
  11. Code of Conduct
    1. All students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and to show consideration for others. ELTA reserves the right to refuse to teach any student whose behaviour causes annoyance, distress or offence to others. Persistent or serious offenders will have their course cancelled. In such an event, fees are not refunded. Additional charges for flights and other costs will not be covered by the school.
  12. Filming or Recording the Teacher
    1. Any electronic recording of the teacher without the express permission of both the teacher and the school is strictly forbidden. Such recordings are an infringement of the personal rights of the teacher and an infringement of the intellectual property of the school.
  13. The Use of Photos and Student Testimonials
    1. Copyright of photos taken on ELTA premises or at school events belongs to ELTA and may be reproduced for the purpose of publicity without further approval of the participant. Comments and testimonials made by students may also be reproduced for publicity purposes.
    2. Classes maybe be filmed for training purposes. Such recordings will not be used for publicity purposes without the express consent of the participants.
  14. Complaints
    1. If students are unhappy with a teacher, the course or any aspect of it, they are actively encouraged to address their misgivings to the management who will deal with the matter confidentially and seek to resolve the issue as expediently as possible. All complaints are treated confidentially.
  15. Liability and Force Majeure
    1. ELTA, its employees and representatives, will not be liable in cases where services to which they are contractually bound cannot be provided because of fire, natural disaster, acts of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons that are beyond our control. ELTA will not be liable for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property howsoever caused. These conditions do not affect your rights as defined by the consumer protection laws in Ireland.
  16. Disclaimer
    1. While ELTA makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all printed and promotional material, and all information is correct at the time of printing, we reserve the right to change information at any time, and will endeavour to give sufficient notice of any changes. Our promotional and marketing material is meant for illustration purposes only and does not constitute any contractual agreement between ELTA and any other person.