About Us

At ELTA, English Language and Training for Adults, in Dublin, Ireland, trading as ELTA, The School of Spoken English, we are expert providers of spoken English training. We are also a leading provider of teacher training for non-native speakers of English.

Our Accreditations

ELTA was founded in 2004 and was accredited by the Department of Education in 2007. Our spoken English programme is delivered via the world-famous Callan Method and we are the first and only Callan Method school in Ireland to have been accredited by the Department of Education of the Government of Ireland, which was the accrediting body in 2007 and remained so until 2012.

Since 2012 , the inspection and accreditation of English language schools in Ireland has been carried out by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland), ‘an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland’ (from www.qqi.ie) who continued to accredit ELTA.

When the Callan Method Organisation introduced its own accreditation scheme in 2013, ELTA was the first school in Ireland to be accredited by them.

Participating in these two schemes of accreditation means that we are quality-controlled and subject to scrutiny at every level. We must satisfy two high-level and very exacting accreditation bodies that we comply with all their requirements.

Protection for Learners

ELTA is also a member of MEI (Marketing English in Ireland), the professional association for English language providers of the highest quality in Ireland. Like all MEI member schools, ELTA subscribes to a Protection for Learners Scheme. This means that in the case of an unforeseen disaster resulting in the closure of the school, our students are guaranteed to be transferred free of charge to another quality-assured school.

Our Approach

As English is now the language of contact for business, academic and diplomatic communities worldwide, if you want to progress in these areas you must be able to manage in English and you must also have the certification to prove that you can.

The aim of a full-time course at ELTA is two-fold:

  • to prepare learners for an international exam such as Cambridge First Certificate or IELTS
  • to enable them to become proficient in spoken English in as short a time as possible, which we achieve via the world-famous Callan Method.

The dual approach we adopt continually proves itself to be truly effective. A regular working day at ELTA is four hours long and comprises two distinct learning periods: General English and Spoken English.