policies_and_procedures_imageLearners should note the Policies & Procedures in the following areas:

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Learners are required to attend all classes. Those here on a Stamp 2 (Study) Visa are under a legal obligation to attend at least 85% of the scheduled contact hours for the duration of their course. (‘Contact hours’ refers to learning in the presence of a teacher).


The school monitors attendance on a daily and weekly basis. Any learner arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 15 minutes early will be marked absent for that segment of the class.

If 85% attendance is not being achieved by a learner, the learner will be made aware of their low attendance rate and urged to achieve full attendance. They will also be made aware that persistent absenteeism will be reported to Immigration.

Responsible Person: Director of Studies
Applies to: All registered learners.

Recording of Attendance

The attendance of each learner is recorded for every class. Attendance is recorded on the class register by the class teacher and submitted at the end of each week to the Director of Studies. The total attendance is transferred to an electronic spreadsheet.


Learners whose attendance is below 85% will be given one verbal and up to two written warnings. If attendance is not brought up to par after the second written warning, Immigration will be informed that the student is in breach of their visa requirements.


A student may request a recheck/review of attendance.

Hard copies of attendance lists are retained by the Director of Studies and the Operations Director.
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Learners who have enrolled on a 25-week course are not permitted to take unscheduled holidays during their course. Only scheduled and agreed holidays are permitted. Any other unapproved holidays taken will be counted as absence from class.


Responsible Person: Director of Studies
Applies to: English Language Learners holding Stamp 2 Study Visas



Learners should schedule holidays at the start of their course of study. This must be agreed in advance of the GNIB letter being prepared.

Learners are made aware that no holidays may be taken in the first 8 weeks of study. From the 9th week, holidays may be taken up to one-third of the time already completed on the course.

No unscheduled holidays may be taken, except in cases of close bereavement or serious illness of a family member.

If a learner takes time as a holiday, i.e. time not covered by sick leave certification, such time will be seen as non-attendance.

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Absences will be reviewed and where repeated or unexplained/uncertified sick leave has been taken the following procedure will be implemented under the supervision of the Director of Studies.

Responsible Person: Director of Studies
Applies to: All registered learners



Learners are given the office contact details on registration and the sick leave policy is explained.

Learners, or someone acting on their behalf, must inform the Director of Studies by e-mail or phone or text on the first and subsequent days of the period of sick leave. The Director of Studies records all sick leave in the learner’s attendance record.

On the first day of their return to class, learners should provide the Director of Studies with written medical certification confirming the nature of their illness.  The medical certification must cover the entire period of absence. The certificate will be held in the learner’s file.

The Director of Studies will note instances of repeated, or extended, absence due to sickness, and will give appropriate consideration to absence due to sickness in all reviews of learners’ performance and progression.



All learners have access to Grievance and Complaints procedures and are informed of these procedures at Induction and in the Learner Handbook.

Responsible Person: Director of Studies
Applies to: All registered learners



Learners’ complaints may concern, but are not necessarily limited to:

the assessment process; classroom activities; level; teaching methodologies; teachers; policies and procedures, administration staff; other learners, facilities and the relevance of the assessment tasks to the intended learning outcomes and learning level.

The learner who feels that they have a grievance should ask to speak to the Director of Studies

If the learner accepts the decision of the Director of Studies, the matter is closed. However, if the learner does not accept the decision they can appeal it as at Step 3

If the grievance cannot be remedied by the Director of Studies the learner may make an appeal to the Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services (ACELS-the current regulatory body for the English Language Department) or its successors in Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)


The maximum length aimed for with regard to the internal resolution of a learner complaint is 2 weeks.

External appeal to ACELS/QQI is within the timeframe of its currently published policy. 
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All registered English language Stamp 2 study visa learners are required to take an external examination to verify their learning. Learners will agree their end of course exam at registration and these details will be recorded on their GNIB letter. Once the exam has been agreed, the end of course exam cannot be changed under Department of Justice regulations.

Responsible Person: Director of Studies
Applies to: All Stamp 2 Visa Learners



Stamp 2 Visa Learners must take such an examination and the designated exam suite for learners of General English is the TIE (Test of Interactive English).

Learners may alternatively take one of the following exams at the end of (or during) their programme of study: First (FCE-First Certificate in English); or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

The Director of Studies and the Director of Operations are jointly responsible for ensuring learner awareness, compliance, enrolment and the subsequent secure recording of results.

At the time of registration all registered learners, requiring external exam verification for study visa purposes are required to sign a contract acknowledging their awareness of the need to take such an exam.

For the TIE examination, learners complete an enrolment list for their respective classes and these lists are checked by the Director of Studies against all active learners.

For FCE and IELTS learners are enrolled at the beginning of term to allow for the timing of an available space at a recognised exam centre (e.g., CES (Centre of English Studies) or UCD (University College Dublin) within the timeframe available.

Teachers help learners with the completion of application forms in class time and these forms are checked by the Director of Studies before they are submitted.

For all examinations, learners are required to request a duplicate result sheet be sent to the Director of Studies. The Director of Studies records the results on a secure, password protected spreadsheet to be available for inspection.

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